Art Car Agency is the home to some of the worlds most famous art cars from the USA and around the world created by Harrod Blank author of the book “Art Cars”. The Art Car Agency was set up to promote art cars and make them available for special appearances such as auto shows, art exhibitions, parties, parades and festivals.

I illustrated the art car on the logo based on Harrod’s VW art car called “Oh My God”. There was a lot more stuff glued the original art car but for simplicity sake I took stripped it down to the bare minimum while maintaining the essence of the original car.

The purpose of the web site was to make it easier to display and organize all the art cars currently signed up with the agency. All the art cars can be found by region, type, artist name, art car name and most importantly whether or no they are available for appearances. We devised a simple method of using a check mark to indicate availability of the art car for hire.

I also have the honor of having my Mercedes Pens Art Car covered in over 10,000 pens be a part of the art car agency group