Initial Site Launch

We just finished your site and it looks great. With relevant content, it’s been optimized for search engines and you even have products ready to sell. The question now is how do we let people know your site exists? There are a variety of tools we can use to get the word out from direct-mail campaigns, email blasts, or a pay-per-click campaign which we can help you with. My job is to find the most effective ways to promote your new web site and get the word out about the new kid on the block.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In today’s market place most consumers use search engines like Google to look for goods and services. Unfortunately for most business the search stops at page one or two, and if you don’t show up right away no one will ever find you. Our job is to help you achieve top search engine rankings for targeted keywords that drive potential customers to your website. Let us help you increase your company’s organic search rankings (SEO) on top search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Stop losing customers to your competition, get top SEO rankings today.

Email Marketing

Great web site design is just the beginning to connecting with your audience. Programming is the power that adds function to form so we provide the “back-end” web technology to make your website work correctly. Our team of developers use standards-compliant XHTML and CSS coding, PHP and/or ASP, AJAX, and Javascript, which is just a fancy way of saying that coding used in your original design is cross-browser compatible, quick to load and easy to maintain.

Marketing Campaigns

We’ll work with you to produce an incredible online first impression with a website design that is both user-friendly and functional. Our goal is to visually bring your brand to life through the design of your website.

Designing with a marketing mentality requires us to take all aspects of your brand into consideration, maintaining a consistent message to the user throughout the entire website. Special attention is paid to the User Interface, making sure to give the user a positive experience. Our award-winning website design team will work with you to transform your ideas into realistic results on the web.

Direct Mail

The use of Flash in banners, headers and other advertising is ever present during a typical online experience. If you desire to make your site stand out, consider adding multimedia and interactive elements to your site