Broken FM Bumper Stickers are here

Pink Broken FM Bumper Sticker

Green Broken FM Bumper Sticker

After much clamouring from the Broken FM fans and especially the DJ’s I was able to finally got around to designing the Broken FM bumper stickers. The news about the station is spreading but they felt that a couple of stickers would help their efforts plastered on cars driving around town. They are in such demand right now that 1000 of them will be snatched up in no time.

I must give credit to Leah for coming up with the design for the pink one who has amazing talent and gifting at 16 with no formal training. I took her design idea and just tweaked it a bit to send to Greater Works Printing as a two color job. The originally were going to outsource the job but decided instead to print it in house and saved Broken FM 50% off the original price quote.

This station is definitely a lot of fun to design for because it allows me to explore the grungy side of things. Its a youth radio and they demand edgy, fun and very different so that’s what they get.
By the way I like Leahs bumper sticker better, because its easier to read on the road, the big number and the outer glow make a big difference.