Broken FM Web Redesign Project

I finally put the finishing touches on a web site redesign for Broken FM, an alternative Christian Radio station here in Santa Rosa CA and heard online all over the world.

I got an email last week to redesign three buttons but I figured it would be easier to just redesign the entire web site. It took me about three days to complete the redesign, one for design, one for the web template and one very long day to build all the web pages.

This project got started a few weeks prior when I designed a 6′ banner for Broken FM for the Rock of Ages festival they were  attending in Calistoga CA. After getting the redesign bug I took the banner and used it as the basis for their new site. I was able to take the vector elements apart and create those three buttons as well as the one for the “listen now” and “DJ page”

The original free graphic came from Vector Room and the font I used for the logo was called “Chicago House_trial” found at Abstract Fonts, one of best free font resources out there.

Art Car Fest 2010 Flyer Design – Just in time for the weekend

I love making flyers especially when I am set loose to go out and have fun with it. This years ArtCar Fest 2010 flyer was no exception as you can see. I decided to have fun the logo and add color to make it stand out up against a yellow background. I wanted to convey how much fun attending art car fest is and did this by using lots of color and a paint splatter effect for each of the art cars in the flyer. Driving an art car is like painting splattering all over the road especially in comparison with the other “*mundanes” cars we drive around with on the streets. ArtCar Fest 2010 is this weekend so for a schedule of events click here. The art car on the front are from the top: Darla the dragon, Wet Dreams, Glass Quilt, Vain Van and The Mercedes Pens.

* Mundane is the word we use to describe regular cars