Award Winning TAO-Wellness at CES

I have been working with TAO-Wellness now for about 6 months working on their collateral in preparation for this years CES, one of the most important prestigious tech events of the year. If you can get yourself to CES you might be on to something and that is the case with TAO-Wellness.

Tao Wellness unveiled a small fitness device on Sunday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas called the WellShell that aims to help people get some exercise whether they happen to be in an airplane, on the couch, or in the office. This pocket sized device uses the application of pressure called isometric exercising to improve strength, muscle tone, and circulation.

Art Car Fest 2010 Flyer Design – Just in time for the weekend

I love making flyers especially when I am set loose to go out and have fun with it. This years ArtCar Fest 2010 flyer was no exception as you can see. I decided to have fun the logo and add color to make it stand out up against a yellow background. I wanted to convey how much fun attending art car fest is and did this by using lots of color and a paint splatter effect for each of the art cars in the flyer. Driving an art car is like painting splattering all over the road especially in comparison with the other “*mundanes” cars we drive around with on the streets. ArtCar Fest 2010 is this weekend so for a schedule of events click here. The art car on the front are from the top: Darla the dragon, Wet Dreams, Glass Quilt, Vain Van and The Mercedes Pens.

* Mundane is the word we use to describe regular cars

Secret Service Tour at Redwood Covenant Church – 4×6 Flyer

This project came along last week to promote a local free concert called the “Secret Service Tour” at Redwood Covenant Church September 2, 2009 from 6-9pm. The four bands playing are Abandon Kansas, Sleep for Sleepers, Hazel and Vine and local band Surrendered. The concert is sponsored by Playit4Word, and RCC.

When I was told the name of the project I went into full creative mode and was able to come up with the initial idea within 3.5 hours, WOW. There are times such as these that the creative flow is there 100% and it becomes and effortless experience for me to create. Others times its like pulling teeth. When they told me about the title of the concert, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. The phrase “secret service” launched me into the idea of creating a secret agent file complete with photos and operational info. I love the details of this piece such as the Polaroid photo treatment, paper clips, the label maker font and the old folder file. Do you feel like going on a secret mission to a free concert? I do.

Rock’n Blues Festival by the Lake – 4×6 Flyers

Rock’n Blues Festival by the Lake 4×6 Flyers are headed out to the printed to promote one of the biggest festivals held in Novato Ca.It will held September 26 at Stafford Lake and proceeds will benefit the novato public schools. The amazing B-52’s will be playing and Blake Lewis the beat-Box guy from American idol will also be there.

The Pen Guy 4×6 Postcard

The Pen Guy 4×6 postcards have been out now since last summer and so far I still have 8000 of them to give out. One of the goals of this project was to continue the “Pen Guy” brand and explain the story of the Mercedes Pens as a road trip spanning the last 3.5 years. The art on the back was from another project that never happened and felt it was a shame to waste all that time. So I actually recycled some design work for the first time ever, but it seemed to make sense in this case. I basically stopped short of the kitchen sink and put all the info I needed to have and I got some feedback saying it was too busy. I meant it that way, because if you noticed the car is pretty much the same way. I also added some important quotes along the way that came out of the buildings, and a few road signs as well. The ironic thing is that I got shot in the eye with a marker the day these came out, ironic since I had put up a sign on the back that said “caution flying pens”. Full story here.

Pen Guy 4×6 Postcard Front

Pen Guy 4×6 Postcard Back
The Pen Guy Flyer Design by Costas Schuler Back
Artcar Fest 07 Flyer Design by Costas Schuler

ArtCar Fest 07 Flyer

This was a fun project for this years ArtCar Fest event in which I was able to try out the “Tabloid” look. Bold type and outragous headlines. I also got to include my art car called the Mercedes Pens in the upper right hand corner on the front.