Creates branding solutions from the ground up, including logo design, web design, marketing collateral, and social media channel design.  Services include conceptualizing brand identity concepts with multi­channel solutions, developing brand standards, creating collateral, and managing production guidelines.  Experienced in the creation of packaging, print advertisements, retail displays, exhibit displays, and web content, either singly or as part of a full campaigns.
Representative clients include:

•  Brand development, web design, marketing and retail signage.
• Brand development, and app UI design.
•  Brand development, Marketing collateral, and web/eCommerce.
• Brand, Web and eCommerce development.
•  Logo and brand development.
• Brand and web eCommerce development.

Brand Development

Your name and visual identity is the most important aspect of your business when meeting perspective clients for the first time. my goal is to create a unique and strong brand that will stand up to the cacophony of branding clutter in the market place.

I do this by developing a comprehensive brand strategy built on your uniqueness and relevance by communicating to the world exactly who you are. We will identify what makes you unique and then create concepts that are inline with your personality and core values. The goal is to present you to the world that will make an everlasting positive impression. Our creative team will help position your brand by creating memorable and attention grabbing collateral material and put you ahead of the competition. With persistent and constant marketing efforts we will begin to connect people to your brand.

Web Site Design

I offer a wide range of Web design services competitively priced to satisfy any budget. We design custom sites according to your specifications from simple to complex. We do this by using state-of-the-art Web design tools that enable us to produced sites that not only are designed well but work well to produce the expected results. We create sites using word-press and basic HTML/XHTML.

Visual Design

I’ll work with you to produce an incredible online first impression with a website design that is both user-friendly and functional. My goal is to visually bring your brand to life through the design of your website.

Designing with a marketing mentality requires us to take all aspects of your brand into consideration by maintaining a consistent message to the user throughout the entire website. Special attention is paid to the user interface (UI), making sure to give the user a positive experience. My team will work with you to transform your ideas into realistic results on the web.

Costas Schuler

Costas Schuler

Art Director and Graphic Designer