Art Car Fest 2010 Flyer Design – Just in time for the weekend

I love making flyers especially when I am set loose to go out and have fun with it. This years ArtCar Fest 2010 flyer was no exception as you can see. I decided to have fun the logo and add color to make it stand out up against a yellow background. I wanted to convey how much fun attending art car fest is and did this by using lots of color and a paint splatter effect for each of the art cars in the flyer. Driving an art car is like painting splattering all over the road especially in comparison with the other “*mundanes” cars we drive around with on the streets. ArtCar Fest 2010 is this weekend so for a schedule of events click here. The art car on the front are from the top: Darla the dragon, Wet Dreams, Glass Quilt, Vain Van and The Mercedes Pens.

* Mundane is the word we use to describe regular cars