BSR – Builder Supply Resource Web Site

I am pleased to unveil my latest web site design for Builders Supply Resource – BSR today. BSR has extensive experience in the construction and home design industry and partners with contractors and homeowners to bring a wide range of finish products for remodel and new construction.

One of the things I wanted to do with this web site was to make it simple and easy to navigate without having to scroll down to get to the bottom. I did this by spending a lot of time up front researching websites that worked well without scrolling before I started on the design.

I also wanted to stay away from a boring link filled page I broke up the space with image rollover links to each product category. I also didn’t have a lot of links so I filled up the space with really fun looking rollover buttons.

My ultimate goal when designing a web site is to own it, which means I continually ask my self “would I be happy with this site if it were mine?” if the answer is no I keep working it until the answer is yes. For BSR the answer is a definite yes!!!