The Pen Guy T Shirt Hits the Shelves

I finally found another way to marry my graphic design skills with my favorite project as the Pen Guy and the Mercedes Pens Art Car. I recently discovered which allows anyone to start up an online store , upload their designs and sell them on pretty much any product available on their site.What’s great about zazzle is that you can upload as many designs as you want and see them displayed within 24 hours on many products and modeled on a variety of great looking models, including small dogs. Not only can you get the Pen Guy logo on a T Shirt but you can customize it to fit other products such as bumper stickers, shoes, and even skateboards.

BSR – Builder Supply Resource Web Site

I am pleased to unveil my latest web site design for Builders Supply Resource – BSR today. BSR has extensive experience in the construction and home design industry and partners with contractors and homeowners to bring a wide range of finish products for remodel and new construction.

One of the things I wanted to do with this web site was to make it simple and easy to navigate without having to scroll down to get to the bottom. I did this by spending a lot of time up front researching websites that worked well without scrolling before I started on the design.

I also wanted to stay away from a boring link filled page I broke up the space with image rollover links to each product category. I also didn’t have a lot of links so I filled up the space with really fun looking rollover buttons.

My ultimate goal when designing a web site is to own it, which means I continually ask my self “would I be happy with this site if it were mine?” if the answer is no I keep working it until the answer is yes. For BSR the answer is a definite yes!!!