Bathroom Key Web Design

The best part about creative ideas is making it a reality and Bathroom Key is one of those random ideas that came to me one day at coffee shop restroom. I was sitting around working on my third cup of coffee when nature called for the billionth time, so off I went to beg for the bathroom key from the Batista. With my prize in hand and the urgency in my step I went off to answer the call. The bathroom key came with it an attachment, a large bulky object chained to my key to make sure it was not lost and second to discourage me from stealing it and using it to open up my own public restroom some were else.

I have seen so many of these interesting bathroom key attachments over the course of my life that I finally decided it was time to start yet another blog called Bathroom Key. The blog is dedicated to posting and writing about this prolific form of urban art found in many bathrooms around the world. So I went looking ob flick for more pictures and found plenty to get me started with my new venture, Bathroom Keys.

In terms of design I wanted to take my blogging/web/design/photoshop/html skills to the next level and create a truly unique navigation bar for it. I created the background tile in photoshop which I used as my repeating background image for my bathroom motif. Next I made the biggest bathroom key attachment I could fit in an 800 pixel wide seen precariously propped up between the handle bar and the toilet tank cover. What bathroom would be complete with out magazines, so I created some covers at fake magazine cover to be used as my navigation bar buttons. Once I had the design the way I wanted it to look I chopped it all and imported it in blogger with linked them to my favorite social networks.

This of course is just the beginning, there will many hours spent writing, promoting and tweaking the layout so that one day Bathroom Keys will become popular and viral (in a good way). And hopefully encourage a new breed of photographers to go out and catalog the vast world of bathroom keys.